What is the Wolfpack philosophy?

Our clients believe that this experience along with our commitment to player development is what defines the Wolfpack and distinguishes us from other "elite" organizations. Focused and efficient practices, winter workouts, video review for all aspects of player development, baseball specific core/explosive strength training, and mechanical adjustments are all vital components in improving a player's performance.


We want to create a winning culture.  Our focus is to put the best players on the field against the best competition and help them on their journey to: middle school, high school, college and professional baseball.  Players will be given every chance to succeed and will be “coached up”.  We want players that strive to win.


We are committed to providing each player with the finest baseball experience in the industry, and we believe we cannot achieve this in any other way! In conjunction with our efforts to implement a cohesive and consistent coaching approach, we also have the ultimate goal in mind of developing every one of our players for 9 full years, from 9U through 17U. The continuity and benefits of developing a player for 9 years will allow us to monitor not only their level of play on the field, but also their work ethic, attitude, pitch counts, preservation of arm/ full body health, nutrition, and year-round strength training work.


Our staff will continually strive to exude a positive energy, focus, and passion to improve all aspects of our organization as it pertains to our players development and their families time and commitment to our program. These virtues are all contagious, and we plan to surround ourselves only with families who share these same goals and ideals. We are committed to providing each family with the finest baseball experience available in the area!




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(November 18– August 15)

WOLFPACK Year Round Package Includes:

  • Special 495 Wolfpack Membership. Discount on ALL lesson packages.
  • 6 Month Individual Evaluation Program
  • Winter/Spring Workouts (November 18– May 8)
  • Winter/Spring WORKOUTS (20+)
    • Workouts include:
    • Full field team work-outs
    • Speed & Agility work-outs
    • Hitting work-outs
    • Throwing work-outs
    • Open field time
  • Tournaments:
    • (3) Tournaments (10U-14U)
    • (4) Tournaments (15U-17U)
    • Each team will have two travel tournaments. 17U will have three.
    • This will be set and sent out by February 1, 2018.
    • Including but not limited to: Boys of Summer, AABC National Events, Diamond Nation, Perfect Game, Triple Crown Sports, Blue Chips, Baseball Heaven, Stars Of Tomorrow, Ripken Baseball, Past time Tournaments, Starz baseball
    • Tournaments are subject to change. Hotel and Travel fees not included


  • Two Paid CERTIFIED Wolfpack coaches (No parents)
  • Baseball IQ Classes - Specific topics (Velocity, Power, Strength Training, College Recruiting, Pitch counts etc.)
  • 2018 Regular Season Summer League Play (Boys of Summer or LI Hot Stove)
  • Younger ages have around 16 games, older ages have around 22 games
  • All umpire fees (including playoffs)
  • Team Equipment
  • 90 MPH Boot Camp (1 Week)
  • Team uniform and additional apparel:
  • Home and away jerseys
  • Home and away pants, belt, socks
  • Home and away fitted hats
  • Practice gear – Sweatshirt, T-shirts and shorts AND MORE
  • Exclusive Wolfpack Home Field(s) (TBD in early 2018.)
  • Insurance
  • Practices (May 8 - August 15) - ON FIELD
    • 9U-12U - Minimum of 14 PRACTICES
    • 13U-17U - Minimum of 12 PRACTICES
  • Monthly assessments and evaluations
  • Full Time President/General Manager
  • Collegiate Advisor (Sophomores/Juniors)

Answers to some frequently asked questions can be found below:

Q. What is the 6 Month Individual Evaluation Program?

A.  This unique program is only for Wolfpack players.  These will be conducted by our certified CSCS and hitting/pitching instructor Tim Francis (subject to change).  Once a month players will be put through testing to see where they are lacking and where there strengths are.  We will have a dedicated day and time (your responsibility to be there).  Will test: exit velocity, throwing mph, running speed, flexibility, hand speed and more.  Players will be given ways to improve and should be motivated to have better results each month.  December - May


Q. When does the off-season program begin and what does the schedule look like?

A. Workouts will begin in the third week of November. A monthly calendar will be sent out two weeks before the start of each month (excluding November, that will be sent out just a few days prior and after payment is received).


Q. What should we expect for the summer commitment?

A. THE SUMMER SEASON (Games) start after Memorial Day for 13U-17U.  For the 9U-12U age bracket they start after June 15.  The season for 13U-18U are over by August 15, the LATEST.  11U/12U season is over by August 22, the latest.  We will practice on the field, second week of May.


An average week in the summer will be a four to five-day commitment, to include:


9U -13U - There will be a 16 game regular season schedule (13U will have 22), a minimum of 9 tournament games, 15 practices (on field) and one week of boot camp.


14U-17U -

There will be a 22 game regular season schedule a minimum of 14 tournament games, 13 practices (during season) and one week of boot camp.


Practice and game schedules are NOT sent out before mid May. Why? Because the league has to make their game schedule and then we have to make our boot camp and practice schedule around THEM. We can not say what days, what times or what fields, because it is out of our control. The season is 10-11 weeks, so you can average out the games/practices per week.


Q. What field will the Wolfpack  use for practice and home games?

A. We look to be close to securing TWO home fields this season. One will be Long Island Lutheran HS (Brookville, NY) & one in Town Of Huntington. Our Wolfden indoor facility will be hosting practices through the summer.



Not only have we produced over 400 scholarship athletes (157 D1) and 40 professional players but our players have gone on to become: CEO's, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Professors, MLB employees, Surgeons, Dentists, Managers & Presidents.  Over 50 of Rob Steinert's students have gone on to an IVY league education.

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Benefits of playing baseball

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